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Studio: Yummygirl
Scenes From Cuckold by Phone
Don't Mind Him - Penny Archer
Penny Archer , Will Tile
137 Photos, 21 min of video
Penny has arranged a date with one of her favorite lovers. Her hubby gets to watch in the corner. Of course, he is in his chastity cage to make sure he can’t get hard. Another lovely Friday night for a beautiful woman.

The Cuckold Trainer feat. Paisley Porter
Paisley Porter , Sean Michaels
176 Photos, 27 min of video
Paisley is walking to her hotel room with her husband, and she is welcomed with a surprise. Paisley's husband has arranged a visit from Sean Michaels. Paisley is in heaven as she submits all of her holes for Sean's big dick while her husband watches the sex scene.

Don't Mind Him - Trixie Squirts
Trixie Squirts , Will Tile
163 Photos, 31 min of video
Trixie has been set up by her hubby to have a meeting. A very special kind of meeting. The kind where a man with a big cock fucks her in front of her hubby.

The TeleDate
Helena Price , Will Tile
261 Photos, 31 min of video
Helena and her husband have a little arrangement. She goes out and finds men for fun and he watches all the action on his phone. Not typical of a date night, but then again typical is boring. And who really wants to be boring?

Bottom Line 4 Liz Black
Liz Black , Michael Vegas
34 min of video
SeanMichaels Bottom Line 4 Sean Michaels Liz Black Sean Michaels is back to directing in this latest release from Evil Angel! And this time he's bigger and badder than ever, and taking some of the biggest whores for the biggest ride of their lives! Want to cum along? With the debut of Bottom Line, legendary adult superstar Sean Michaels brings his various talents to Evil Angel's Buttman Magazine Choice line of videos handpicked by John "Buttman" Stagliano. And it's easy to see why Buttman would choose this stuff. Sean presents stunningly comely and flexible butts in and out of alluring lingerie, and his camera work captures these lovelies at their most arousing. Most importantly, Sean finds girls whose own fierce lust matches the desire they inspire, then satisfies their cravings as only an experienced, super-hung ladies' man can. Cute, natural-bodied, blue-eyed blonde Liz Black and Michael Vegas play a married couple in a scene with a cuckold fetish bent. When he leaves for work, she telephones Sean, then primps for her cheat-meet in a tease segment that catches her oiling up, masturbating, then donning a thong and a pleated plaid mini-skirt. He arrives to find her flashing her ass; they whisper dirty talk and somehow she comes off as an innocent novice...or at least a novice cheater. When her husband walks in on them, she takes control: "I've done what you wanted me to do; you can do what I want you to do. Sit down and watch and fucking enjoy it." She continues the verbal nastiness between sucking Sean's cock and jacking him off with her feet. She tastes her pussy juice on his dong and he yanks her hair while hammer-fucking her. "Faster, faster," she whimpers, flushing red with a real orgasm as her hapless husband is revealed beating off in a chair. Liz shamelessly tongues Sean's ass before her husband cums on her face and Sean unloads in her crack. Stars:Liz Black, Michael Vegas, Sean Michaels Blonde,Pierced, Tattoo, Big Butt, Big Tits,HotWife, BBC, Cum on Ass, Footjob, Blowjob,Cunnilingus,Rimming, Cuckold, Interracial

When a frustrated wife or live-in girlfriend is looking for some strange, Sean Michaels is ready to deliver the goods. Evil Cuckold, directed by Sean for Buttman Magazine Choice, offers four scenes in its two-and-a half hour run time ranging from a swinging couple happily enjoying Sean's company to a frustrated wife fucking Sean while taunting her chastity-confined husband. Ava Devine and Johnny Fender are the swingers who offer Ava to Sean as a carnal incentive to buy their house, with anal and ATM to sweeten the deal.

Cuckold By Phone Fill Up My Butt
Sean Michaels , Sofie Marie
77 Photos, 40 min of video
Hotwife Sofie Marie gets her fondest wish fulfilled when she gets to go on a date with the legendary Sean Michaels, without her husband! Once they arrive in the sex room, Sean takes the initiative by licking Sofie's hot pussy through her crotchless panties and he finds a crystal butt plug, so he knows what his future plans include for the evening, so he pulls the toy out of her ass to taste then he rims her pink asshole. Sofie returns the favor by licking Sean's ball and ass in an extended rimming session. Sofie sucks on the BBC, and she tries to swallow his man meat down her throat. Passion gets the best of them and Sofie takes Sean's 11 inch cock deep into her pussy, and then into her butt. Sean continues to rock Sofie's world as she shares cell phone videos with her absent hubby. Sean finishes the evening by filling up Sofie's ass with his cum!

SofieMarieXXX SM Cuckold by Phone English Escort

Hot wife Sofie Marie and legend Marcus London connect on line when Sofie's husband is out of town. She has a hall pass, as long as she sends her cuck hubby pictures of her fucking another man. Sofie and Marcus get naked fast and they get to work licking, squirting, sucking, and fucking each other silly! They have an obvious connection with each other, and the action is super hot! You get to see the actual videos they send to Sofie's husband! Marcus finishes by leaving his cum in Sofie's pussy for her cuck hubby to lick up when he gets home from work. Sofie Marie picked up Danny Mountain at a pub, and they head to go hook up! Danny noticed Sofie's wedding ring, but she dismissed it as she was separated. During their hot encounter, Sofie's phone location sound (Find my Phone) goes off. Sofie lies and she says its her girl friend. They continue to have hot sex, until the phone goes off again, and their is an angry knock at the door by Sofie's husband! He found her! Hot wife Sofie Marie needs some attention, so she calls a local escort service to find a professional sex worker to satisfy her needs. After a call to Quinton James she invites him over to sample his services. Sofie is smitten with Quinton's good looks, English accent, and charm, and she lets him use his skills on her body. Sofie is immersed in his sexual pleasures. Quinton uses his tongue and cock to make Sofie have multiple orgasms. Sofie sends her poor hubby video of her escapade including Quinton's cum dripping from her well fucked pussy.

Cuckold By Phone Czech Escort
Sofie Marie , Tommy Wood
17 Photos, 32 min of video
Sofie Marie is stuck in her hotel room and stood up by her husband who is in a meeting. She is so mad she looks up escort services on her phone and orders up Tommy Wood for some fun. He arrives at her hotel room and gets right to servicing her neglected wet pussy. He licks her slit, and then she sucks his cock and licks his asshole until she begs for his cock! They fuck like lovers and Sofie occasionally takes cell phone video to send her husband to punish him for standing her up. Tommy finally blows his load deep in her pussy so Sofie's husband knows she has been a naughty hot wife!

Cuckold by Phone 15 Music Man
Bobby Adore , Sofie Marie
32 min of video
Sofie is a big fan of Bobby's music and she convinced him to come home with her after his last show. His sexy music and smile really got her hot and wet. One troublesome issue is, Sofie is married, but she is a hot wife and as long as she sends videos of her hookups, she is allowed to bring home men to play with her. Sofie takes Bobby's BBC in her mouth and pussy and she gets a pussy full of cum to save for her cuckold hubby!

Cuckold By Phone Cum In My Ass Please
Eddie Jaye , Sofie Marie
38 Photos, 37 min of video
Sofie Marie loves BBC and Eddie Jaye's hot body! She dressed up in super short shorts and woke up Eddie early on a Friday morning. Sofie hubby is traveling again and she was craving having all her holes filled! She and Eddie get right to business with some of Sofie's great oral skills and Eddie gives her a great fucking while they send cell phone videos to her hubby. She tells Eddie that she need his cock in her ass and he willingly obliges and he let loose his big load in her tight butthole!

Cuckold By Phone After the Gym
Sevyan Harden , Sofie Marie
41 Photos, 33 min of video
Sofie heads over to Sevyan's place right after their workout for some hotwife fun! She gets right to it and drags him into his bedroom and pulls down his pants! She sucks is big black dick and then they get to fucking! She lets his cock stretch out her tight pussy, as she films her naughty actions for her traveling husband! Super hot athletes having great sex! Sevyan breeds Sofie while they stand on the bed and watch themselves in the mirror!

Cuckold By Phone 10 French Escort
Alex Legend , Sofie Marie
195 Photos, 38 min of video
Alex Legend, a sexy Frenchman, is Sofie's on-call escort to fulfill her insatiable sexual needs. He comes over to satisfy her at a moments notice, and she sucks on his thick member and gets her pussy licked and pounded until his cums all over her tight ass! As a good cum slut does, she slurps it all up, and sends videos to her absent hubby of her sexual naughtiness!