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Studio: Yummygirl
Scenes From Sofie Marie

White Shirt Ranch Morning
Sofie Marie
206 Photos
SofieMarieXXX White Shirt Ranch Morning

SofieMarieXXX WW Mega Mesh Pink Blue Beach

Stepsisters BBC Taboo Birthday Surprise
Sofie Marie , Tee Reel
106 Photos, 40 min of video
Stepsisters Texas Patti and Sofie Marie are hanging out for Texas Patti's birthday, and Sofie has a big surprise for her stepsister. There is a knock at the door, and Sofie tells Texas Patti to hide her eyes. When she opens her eyes she sees a beautiful black man named Tee Reel. Texas Patti is so excited, but not too excited to share her BBC birthday present with Sofie. After some foreplay, the girls take turns on Tee's big black cock until they get the birthday frosting they are craving!

SofieMarieXXX Steampunk Bowler Fringe Skirt

Nude Workout
Sofie Marie
33 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Nude workout

SofieMarieXXX WW Purple Lace Panel Bikini

Kyla really is starting to like her new boyfriend, Spike, so she introduces Spike to Sofie, her girlfriend, to break the news. How does Spike react? How would you react if your new fuck buddy has lots of fuck buddies? Kyla and Sofie show Spike how much they like pussy, and invite Spike to lick too. Then the girls pull out Spike's cock and the girls make swinging fun by taking turn sitting on Spike's face and cock, until they lap up Spike's cum on their faces! Good Talk.

Nude Beach Sunset 1
Sofie Marie
69 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Nude Beach Sunset 1

SofieMarieXXX WW Untamed Small Beach

SofieMarieXXX WW White Lingerie

Wicked Weasel WKDBOD Workout
Sofie Marie
105 Photos
SofieMarieXXX WW WKDBOD Workout Jason

Esty Magic 2
Sofie Marie
232 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Esty Magic 2

Hay White Panties
Sofie Marie
230 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Hay White Panties

Hay Red Lingerie
Sofie Marie
186 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Hay Red Lingerie

SofieMarieXXX Hat Chaps Truck Bed White Horse Nude

Devil Dungeon 2022
Sofie Marie
57 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Devil Dungeon 2022

Cowgirl Ranch Wash Rack
Sofie Marie
8 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Cowgirl Ranch PB Photos

Black Teddy Sheer
Sofie Marie
32 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Black Teddy Sheer

SofieMarieXXX CK Bikini Jean Vest Cactus

SofieMarieXXX Anvil Pink Heart HB Lingerie

Close Up Inspection
Sofie Marie , Will Tile
304 Photos, 31 min of video
HOA admin Sofie Marie is researching complaints from Will's neighbors. He is being too immodest in his home, and the ladies of the neighborhood are all a 'twitter'. Will's notices Sofie's sexuality during the inspection as she looks at all of the windows to find the offending view. Once Sofie finds the open portal, she agrees to not issue the ticket once Will blackmail's her over her inappropriate internet posts. Sofie eagerly succumbs to Will's tactics, and she gobbles up Will's big dick, and she takes his 10 inch bbc balls deep! Will busts his nut in Sofie's willing snatch, and she loves cleaning up his mess with her tongue!

Meeting My Stepmom
Jenna Noelle , Sofie Marie
101 Photos, 39 min of video
Jenna Noelle is excited to introduce her new boyfriend to her stepmom Sofie Marie. Jenna and Sofie are very close, and even though Sofie is now a single woman, Jenna adores her. Sofie and Jenna talk about her new boyfriend, and as usual, they discuss everything from how he treats her to his cock! When Sofie gets to meet Spike, she is jealous of Jenna's new beau, and she makes a move on Spike in front of Jenna! She wants to see Spike's cock, and Jenna is eager to show off her boyfriend's cock! The two ladies share Spike's cock and tongue, and his cum. Sofie feasts on Spike's cum as it drips out of Jenna's sweet snatch!

SofieMarieXXX Red HB Lingerie Cigar

Introducing Mike and Ania Nova! Mike and Ania are swingers that are getting into performing in adult videos! They join Sofie and Spike in their room after a day at a topless pool in Las Vegas. Everyone was ready to fuck! Super sexy scenes all on the same bed!

SofieMarieXXX WW Multi Reckless Corvette

SofieMarieXXX WW Pink Rebel Bikini Desert

So You Want To Work From Home
Sofie Marie
221 Photos, 37 min of video
One of Sofie's employees, Brad Newman, has been working from home too much in her view. Sofie calls Brad to confront him, and heads to her place, so Sofie can inspect his workplace. This visit is just pretense for Sofie, since she really want to fuck her subordinate. Sofie gets her man, and she is excited about Brad's very girthy cock. She comes on his magnificent penis, and Brad returns the favor by creaming in Sofie's tight snatch!

Nude Muscle Tan line Shoot
Sofie Marie
101 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Nude Muscle Tanline Shoot

Nude Pearls
Sofie Marie
50 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Nude Pearls

SofieMarieXXX Nude Rhinestone Necklace Garters

SofieMarieXXX SherryLo Yellow Strapless Sheer Bikini Desert

During a trip to Hollywood. Sofie Marie organized a sex party and she hooked up with Jack Vegas, Ziggy Star, and Spike Irons for a gonzo foursome. The girls and the guys are truly enjoying the hot sex, with lots of 69 fucking, oral sex, a double BJ cum shot, and a creampie load, sucked out of Sofie's pussy by Ziggy.

SofieMarieXXX MS Red Zipper Logo OnePiece Desert

SofieMarieXXX MS Red Zipper One Piece Logo

Sneak In My Room Work Me Out
Sean Michaels , Sofie Marie
91 Photos, 45 min of video
Sofie is in very sexy workout gear, and she tells her husband that her gym is closed. She is going to exercise at home, but really, you’ve invited her trainer, Sean Michaels over to fuck. Sean puts her though some stretching, and his huge cock grows, and Sofie notices and gets very wet. She pulls down his sweats, and she blows her black bull, and she strips out of her workout clothes to fuck. She is so hot, and needs BBC badly. Sofie is a dirty talker, and she loves saying how much bigger, and better her new secret fuck buddy is than your husband. Sofie takes her trainer in each of her hungry holes, and Sofie's sexy Ass to Mouth and Ass to Pussy moments are exceptional!

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Bikinis And Nudes
Sofie Marie
71 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Custom Bikini and Nude

Red Harness
Sofie Marie
17 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Red Harness

Hiker Girls 2 Desert Heat
Kyla Keys , Sofie Marie
25 min of video
Sofie Marie and Kyla Keys are out on a hike in the Desert heat. The girls think they are alone so they take a break and start kissing and then licking each others pussy! While they are in a compromised position (naked) a male hiker, Spike Irons approaches them and surprises the nude hiker girls. He steals their backpacks until they offer to do whatever it takes to get them back. So they suck and fuck Spike, and get his cum....do they get their stuff back?

SofieMarieXXX WW Reckless Noir Bikini Beach

SofieMarieXXX WW Reckless Tartan Bikini

Paying The Handyman
Alura TNT Jensen , Sofie Marie
105 Photos, 36 min of video
Recently separated Sofie Marie is having a nice chat with her girlfriend Alura Jenson. Since she does not have a man around the house, she hired Spike Irons to help her with broken things. When Sofie's husband left her he also took their money. Sofie is clearly embarrassed that she cannot pay, but Alura has an idea to barter sexual favors in lieu of payment. What guy would turn down 2 gorgeous women? Not Spike. As a handyman he shows off his knowledge of plumbing as he lays the pipe to the ladies, and makes them cum with his handy hands too!

Diving For Dildos 8
Sofie Marie
19 min of video
Bikini clad Sofie Marie swims underwater and shows off her heavenly mermaid physique as she dives for dildos. Once she recovers the submerged dicks, she suck and fucks them. Watch her swim with the dildo in her tight pussy!

Hollywood Hot Wife Hotel Hookup
Jack Blaque , Sofie Marie
136 Photos, 31 min of video
Jack Blaque is a music producer who is in town for business, and he is excited when Sofie Marie comes to his room. After a bit of small talk, the overwhelming sexual attraction takes over. Jack licks her sweet pussy, then Sofie takes his BBC deep in her mouth, then balls deep in her honey hole. Sofie eagerly devours his cock to get his cum!

SofieMarieXXX AvidLove Cover up Sherrylo Lime Bikini

Etsy Magical Lingerie
Sofie Marie
204 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Etsy Magical Lingerie

SofieMarieXXX MS Purple Sparkle Sheer Bikini Desert

SofieMarieXXX WW Reckless Noir Poolside

SofieMarieXXX WW Yellow Bowtie Desert Tropical Punch Range

Mint Green Bra Panties
Sofie Marie
185 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Mint Green Bra Panties

SofieMarieXXX Oneheekini Rose Red No String Bikini

SofieMarieXXX WW Gold Chain Gold Shorts Pool

Paint Her White Sofie's Gang Bang Part 3
Lizzie Love , Sofie Marie
89 Photos, 24 min of video
Paint Her White is a 4 part collection documenting Sofie Marie’s massive gang bang party! Starring Sofie Marie With Brittany Andrews as Mistress of Ceremonies, and Lizzy Love as the Milking Maid As a competitive athlete, Sofie Marie wanted to test her sexual fitness by producing a 30 Cock Gang Bang! With over 2 hours of fucking and sucking, Sofie devours cocks and cum with gusto! This feature showcases Sofie’s beauty, athleticism, and sexual energy thorough out. Brittany Andrews sets the stage for the event by fucking Sofie first! With the help of Lizzy Love as the Milking Maid, the girls get non-stop attention from the invited professional performers and the many fans who showed for the event. The girls collect most of the 49 loads for the grand finale! Sofie gets cream-pied in the pussy and ass, she swallows cum and gets covered with man goo in the big finish. A scorecard tallies loads, and oral, anal and pussy penetration, and the gang bag goes on, the intensity builds for the finale.

Paint Her White Sofie's Gang Bang Part 4
Brittany Andrews , Lizzie Love
89 Photos, 26 min of video
Paint Her White is a 4 part collection documenting Sofie Marie’s massive gang bang party! Starring Sofie Marie With Brittany Andrews as Mistress of Ceremonies, and Lizzy Love as the Milking Maid As a competitive athlete, Sofie Marie wanted to test her sexual fitness by producing a 30 Cock Gang Bang! With over 2 hours of fucking and sucking, Sofie devours cocks and cum with gusto! This feature showcases Sofie’s beauty, athleticism, and sexual energy thorough out. Brittany Andrews sets the stage for the event by fucking Sofie first! With the help of Lizzy Love as the Milking Maid, the girls get non-stop attention from the invited professional performers and the many fans who showed for the event. The girls collect most of the 49 loads for the grand finale! Sofie gets cream-pied in the pussy and ass, she swallows cum and gets covered with man goo in the big finish. A scorecard tallies loads, and oral, anal and pussy penetration, and the gang bag goes on, the intensity builds for the finale.

SofieMarieXXX HB KUKURO Pink Strap Lingerie

SofieMarieXXX HB Lavendar Lingerie Dress

SofieMarieXXX HB Leash Pink Panties

Pink Pony Girl and her Trainer
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
83 Photos, 19 min of video
Sofie Marie is interested in the pony girl fetish! She wears a bondage-inspired pink lingerie outfit with pony bridle and reins. She parades solo, then her trainer Spike, drives her around the arena. Since Sofie is a pretty pony, and generally well behaved, her trainer let her have his thick cock as a reward! Set to music

Home Visit Put Me In Coach
Eddie Jaye , Sofie Marie
182 Photos, 23 min of video
Coach Eddie Jaye is making a very important home visit to the Marie household. Sofie Marie's stepson is clearly acting out at school and he is getting benched by Coach. Johnny is having trouble with his horny behavior, and Coach hopes he can get his player back on the field if his parents would become engaged on this issue. Sofie wants Johnny to be playing so she dresses to make an impression on Coach. In no time, Coach can see why Johnny is oversexed, and in no time Coach is ready to bust his nut in Sofie!

Stepmom Mends A Broken Heart 2
Jackie Knight , Sofie Marie
320 Photos, 35 min of video
Jackie Knight is very upset because his girlfriend broke up with him. He is feeling unloved and alone. Stepmom Sofie Marie sits with him as he shares his feelings, and Sofie is a good listener. She offers him a hug. The hug starts off platonic until Jackie has roaming hands, and he starts lightly rubbing against Sofie. Sofie knows what is happening and she understands the effect she has on him. She asks him to sit on the couch and put his head on her shoulder, which becomes her chest. Jackie keeps rubbing on Sofie with his hands and they roam to her boobs. Sofie says its ok if that makes him feel better. Then, his hands move to her pussy thru her yoga pants. Sofie is getting really turned on comforting her stepson. She unbuttons her shirt and Jackie suckles on her boobs. Sofie asks Jackie to stand, since she knows how to mend his broken heart. She pulls down his pants, and sucks his hard cock, and titty fucks too. Jackie says he wants to really forget his girlfriend, and although this foreplay is nice, he is still in his depressed state. She strips off her yoga pants, and she pushes Jackie down to his knees and she pushes his face into her pussy. Then she tells Jackie to lay on the couch and she hops on Jackie's young cock. Sofie keeps fucking him until, in her eyes, she sees that she has broken the spell his former GF has over him as he cums in here pussy!

SofieMarieXXX WW Pink and Black Workout Tahoe

Yummygirl Camo Jumper DV
Sofie Marie
37 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Yummygirl Camo Jumper DV

SofieMarieXXX Black-Red Robe Stairs Lingerie

Coached - What a Workout
Coach Cardher , Sofie Marie
95 Photos, 44 min of video
Sofie is trying out a new personal trainer, Coach Cardher. He is super fit, so he must be a good coach, right? They start off stretching, then they work on loosening Sofie up. Coach breaks out the oil and they both strip so as not to mess up their workout gear. Two hot naked athletes leave all of the their inhibitions behind. Sofie rims, licks balls, and sucks on Coach's big dick. They keep fucking for cardio, and they add in some weights too! Sofie finally gets Coach to blow his load in her mouth!

Blue String Dress Gold Room
Sofie Marie
160 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Blue String Dress Gold Room

David Lee Rents A Room
David Lee , Sofie Marie
22 Photos, 26 min of video
David is new to town, and he found a room to rent in a nice neighborhood. He arrived to meet the landlady, Sofie Marie, and his greeting is a note on the gate. He follows the instructions, and catches a glimpse of Sofie cleaning her pool. She is dressed in short shorts and a sexy sheer top. David can't believe his luck or his eyes! Sofie puts on a little show for him before she introduces herself to him. She shows David to his room, and David really needs a shower to bring down his sexual tensions! When David is in the shower, Sofie steals his towel, so she can get a good look her new naked tenant. David calls for a towel from Sofie, and she brings it to him, wraps him in the towel and then she drags her prey to the bedroom by his throbbing hard cock! Sofie makes David feel welcome as she devours his hot Asian body and his hard dick! Sofie tells David she wants him to cum in her horny pussy, and he obliges!

Over the objections of her hubby, Sofie Marie is alone in the exam room for a work related physical, and she asks Dr Fhelgud if he can come in the room with her. The Doc says "no" and they get on with the exam. After checking her mouth (hole 1), the doc does a breast and abdomen exam, and then he needs to check out what is under her jean shorts and red panties. Using a speculum, Dr Fhelgud gets up close to Sofie's labia, and then he tests her lubrication by making her squirt. Sofie wants out of this creepy doctor's room, but she really needs the job, so she stays and agrees to Dr Fhelgud's conditions. Dr Fhelgud whips out his cock and gives it to Sofie. She starts rubbing, and in no time they are fucking on the table. Dr Fhelgud continues his exam by sliding his thick cock in Sofie's tight ass, and Sofie happy sucks his cock right after. Sofie rides the Doc until he cums in her tight snatch. Mission accomplished....get the papers signed!

Stripper Dreams
Sofie Marie
15 Photos, 23 min of video
Stripper Sofie Marie is working the pole a slow shift and she decides it's time for some real fun! Johnny Goodluck has been admiring Sofie's skills so he invites her to join his buddy, Spike, in the VIP area. Sofie is so ready to get off the stage and get some hard dick in her! She takes both Johnny and Spike's cocks eagerly, and they take turns with Sofie's sweaty hard body until she drains the cum out the the guys who blow on her face and tits!

Pink Jump Suit Walker River
Sofie Marie
105 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Pink Jump Suit Walker River

SofieMarieXXX WW Orange Blue Bikini Walker Lake

Muscle Babe Brandi Mae Massage Sofie Everywhere
Brandi Mae , Sofie Marie
203 Photos, 17 min of video
Sexy bodybuilder Brandi Mae gives Sofie Marie a very sensual and sexual full body massage and a very happy ending!

Dirt Road Tongue Fuck Rimming
Sofie Marie
14 min of video
Sofie Marie gives a hell of a blowjob after a tongue fucking rimming session. He blows when she sticks a finger in his ass!

Home Visit OverSexed
Sofie Marie , Vic Lowrey
176 Photos, 26 min of video
Sofie's stepson's teacher, Vic Lowrey, makes a home visit to discuss her stepson's performance at school. Apparently, Johnny is oversexed at school, and his obvious "horniness" is disrupting the class. Sofie's husband can't make the meeting, so Sofie handles the awkward conversation. Vic wants to see Johnny's room to get an idea about his home life. It doesn't take an insightful person to see that Johnny has a real crush on his stepmom. The poster of her in his room is a dead giveaway. Sofie is so turned on by Vic's compliments on her oozing sexuality, that she pushes him onto Johnny's bed, and she attacks the hardbodied Vic. Clearly Sofie wants to fuck Vic, and she wastes no time undressing and hopping on his hard cock. She never thinks twice about her husband who is on a conference call downstairs!

Sweet Torment
Kyla Keys , Sofie Marie
25 min of video
Sexy Kyla Keys is Sofie's very willing sub, and she lets Sofie tear off her dress and tie her to the giant cross. Sofie tickles, paddles, uses a feather duster, and her mouth to deny Kyla's orgasms. One the sawhorse bench, the torment continues as Sofie finally lets her cum, and then Kyla returns the favor for Sofie.

SofieMarieXXX Camo Shorts Mesh Top Death Valley 21

SofieMarieXXX Hidden Tree Nudes Tahoe

Leather Vest And Capris
Sofie Marie
187 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Leather Vest and Capris

SofieMarieXXX MS Camo Bikini Skirt DV

Ghostbusters Parody Demon Possession
Sean Michaels , Sofie Marie
386 Photos, 54 min of video
Janine (Sofie Marie) opens a box in the mail that allows a sexual demon to escape and take over her body! She is now insatiable and when Winston (Sean Michaels) comes back to the Ghostbuster's office, she quickly puts her demon intentions to work! She sucks and fucks Winston's BBC in all of her holes and gets two cum loads from her co-worker's big dick!

Golden Girl
Sofie Marie
78 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Golden Girl

Red Strap Lingerie Heels
Sofie Marie
208 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Red Strap Lingerie Heels

Silver Sequins Bra Skirt
Sofie Marie
171 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Silver Sequins Bra Skirt

SofieMarieXXX Black Sheer Crystal Gown WW Lace

Black Sheer Nudes
Sofia Rose , Sofie Marie
155 Photos
SofieMarieXXX Black Sheer Nudes

A Taboo Feast - Stepsisters Brunch
Aria Khaide , Sofie Marie
98 Photos, 53 min of video
Sexy stepsisters Sofie Marie and Aria Khaide are having a nice brunch, and a tasty breakfast gets to be a full meal as both girls play with food stuffed in each other's wet pussies! Aria starts the taboo action by licking yogurt off Sofie's slender fingers. Then, Aria has Sofie lick yogurt off her nipples, and the girls get busy. Sofie eats a banana out of Aria's wet pussy, and a cucumber gets a double workout as the girls fuck each other! They are interrupted by Sofie's husband (played by Spike Irons). Spike thinks quickly when he catches these two sexy sisters in his kitchen, and he whips out his cock for the girls to share. They eagerly devour his cock and then they take turns with Spike's big dick! A very oral and hot threesome ends with a double bj and the girls swapping Spike's big load!

Elevator Hookup Creampie
Pablo Ferrari , Sofie Marie
171 Photos, 22 min of video
Sofie Marie bumped into Pablo Ferrari in the elevator....the attraction was instant! As they depart the elevator they have a hot kissing session, before she pulls Pablo to her room! Sofie is dripping wet as Pablo sucks on her swollen pussy, before he slides his cock in her hungry pussy. Pablo fills Sofie's pussy full of cum, and Sofie cleans the mess with gusto!

Sneak In My Room Birthday Reveal
Sean Michaels , Sofie Marie
165 Photos, 51 min of video
It’s Sofie’s husband’s birthday, and Sofie is throwing him a pool party. Sofie is in a sexy bikini, and she gets a message she needs to share with one of the party guests. Sean Michaels and Sofie have a secret, so they sneak off to a bedroom. Sofie gives him some great news: Sofie’s pregnant, from Sean's sperm! They decide to have sex to celebrate. Sofie gets completely naked before blowing Sean and fucking him. Sofie tells Sean how much she loves his big black cock and how excited Sofie is to be having his black baby. Sean fucks all of Sofie's holes, and they try to be quiet so no one at the party notices they’re gone. Sofie fucks until Sean cums inside Sofie, then Sofie licks/cleans Sofie’s/his cum off his cock.

Avidlove Purple Lace
Sofie Marie
83 Photos
Avidlove Purple Lace

SofieMarieXXX WW Sheer Stripe 457 Bikini

A Taboo Choice: One GF or 2 Milfs
Joshua Lewis , Sarah Jessie
58 Photos, 36 min of video
Sofie and Sarah have been best friends forever. Sofie invites Sarah over after work to talk because Sofie’s stepson, Joshua, is dating a girl of whom Sofie does not approve. Sofie's not jealous, Sofie just doesn't think the girl is good for him, or she can take care of him the way he deserves. Sofie asks Sarah if she would fuck him to try to get him to break up with his GF and try to take his mind off of his GF. Sarah is a little shocked, but she will down for the cause and would do anything for Sofie. Sofie tells her there's one condition - Sofie wants to watch. Sarah laughs because she thinks Sofie's kidding, but then quickly realizes Sofie's serious. Sarah agrees, and goes to Joshua's room. He's just playing on his phone. The door is open, but she still knocks. He invites her in, she starts small talk and gradually starts to seduce him. He is reluctant at first but Sarah assures him Sofie is out of the house and it's “ok”. Starts off with kissing and caressing and then goes to blowjob and then 69 with Joshua on bottom and his feet on floor. They've never done anything like this before and it's SO wrong. Sarah starts to suck a little while longer and then turns around to ride him. During the adjustment Joshua sees Sofie there and panics, stops, apologizes, and he trips over his words because he can't explain himself. Sarah lays down and instructs Joshua to eat her pussy some more. Joshua is even more hesitant now that his stepmom is in the room, but Sarah is so persuasive that he does it. Sofie then starts to kiss Sarah and then Sofie straddles her to sit on her face with her panties pulled to the side facing Joshua while he is eating Sarah. Sarah tells Joshua to fuck her, and Sarah tells Sofie to lick her clit while he does. During this, Joshua slips out accidentally and into Sofie’s mouth more than once. Joshua takes it from here, alternating between women from time to time, ultimately ending in a cream pie in Sofie and then Sofie and Sarah playing with the cum.

Ebony And Ivory Part 1
Naomi Foxxx , Sofie Marie
107 Photos, 14 min of video
Sofie Marie and Naomi Foxx have just left the bar, and they are disappointed that the guys didn't follow them to their room. So, without cocks to play with, the girls take care of each others needs with a hot girl girl scene! Will the guys show up eventually? Look for Part 2 coming soon

Sneak In My Room Midnight Breeding
Sean Michaels , Sofie Marie
48 Photos, 41 min of video
It’s the middle of the night and Sofie Marie's husband is snoring away. Sofie is awake since she is waiting for a booty call from Sean Michaels. The plan is he will sneak in and have some fun in the middle of the night. Sofie greets him at the back door - Sofie greets him wearing a bathrobe AND she is completely naked underneath - and they head into the kitchen so he can be her “midnight snack”. Sofie fucks Sean hard while trying to be quiet, but Sean's cock so big and he fucks Sofie so well, she is pretty noisy! Sofie takes him in all deep in her pussy, then she asks him to breed her and get her pregnant. Sean fucks Sofie in all her holes, until Sean cums deep inside Sofie's pussy. Did they make her pregnant?

Sibling Rivalry 2 Double Dip
Joshua Lewis , Sofie Marie
377 Photos, 44 min of video
The long awaited sequel to Yummygirl's Sibling Rivalry is here! "Double Dip" features Sofie Marie's stepsons, Joshua and Tyler, both have a crush on their Stepmom. Sofie is very aware of the power she has over her young charges. She wakes the guys up for school in her own special ways, and then the boys help her get ready for work. The guys start a debate over who Sofie likes better. They try to resolve the question after school, when Sofie takes both stepsons for a sexual journey complete with Double BJs, Double Penetration, and more!

SofieMarieXXX WW Green Sheer Full Bottoms Bandeau

Stepsisters Sofie Marie and Texas Patti are in a predicament. They were trying out a strap-on dildo and they got stuck together. Sofie called her neighbor, Dr. Fhelgud, and asked him to come help them out. The creepy doctor takes his time and probes and pokes at the lovely lady stack, and he decides on a course of treatment. The good doctor prescribes sexual stimulation to open up Sofie's pussy to try to get the dildo to release. He offers his cock, and the always horny Sofie gobbles it up, as Texas Patti is clearly unsure of this plan. Dr Fhelgud is undeterred, and he sticks his cock in Texas Patti's pussy. He is trying to add motion to try to release the dildo. After the girls are free they eagerly give him his bartered rate, as they both ride his big cock and lap up his cum!

SofieMarieXXX Agent Provacator Peach G String

SofieMarieXXX Agent Provacator Peach Full Bottom

Three Milfs Make A Wish For Dick
Kyla Keys , Sofie Marie
121 Photos, 24 min of video
Three lovely Milfs, Sofie Marie, Kyla Keys, and Texas Patti have just finished a hot GGG lesbian session, and now they are a craving a big thick cock to fuck. They make a wish and low and behold, a hard dick appears for them. They play with Spike Irons' cock, suck it, fuck it, while sitting on his face or teasing him, until he blows his load!

Sneak In My Room - Dirty Laundry Room
Chris Cardio , Sofie Marie
221 Photos, 30 min of video
Horny housewife Sofie Marie finds Chris Cardio on-line, and she wants him now. Sofie's husband is home so Sofie needs to sneak Chris into her house for a secret fucking session. She pulls him into her laundry room where they waste no time getting it on. Chris licks Sofie's wet pussy on top of her dryer, and then Sofie expertly blows Chris's BBC. They have a great sex encounter in her laundry room and Chris cums in her snatch! Sofie's husband is wondering where his wife is, and Sofie quickly scurries off Chris before they get caught.

Girth Is Good Collection Vol. 1
Alex Jones , Alex Legend
508 Photos, 144 min of video
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Stretch Her Out - Yoga Style
Kyla Keys , Sofie Marie
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